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Press Coverage and Commentary
East View Press
Edited by: Laurence Bogoslaw
Foreword by: Mark Galeotti
ISBN: 978-1-879944-89-3
Publication Date: April 2018
Language: English

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Table of Contents
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Russians on Trump sets out to show a view of Donald Trump that has gotten very little exposure in the American media but is critically important: the perspective of Russia. News, analysis and commentary about Trump, drawn directly from the Russian press – before 2016, during the election campaign, and after his surprise win – fill crucial gaps in the knowledge of what the Trump-Russia relationship means to both sides.

The book traces the relationship of Trump and Russia from 1997 to the present day. It looks at the personal image that Trump projects in Russia, the inferences that Russian analysts make from his statements, and the unforeseen reverberations of his policies. Fascinating, enlightening and entertaining, this collection will interest both serious scholars and anyone with an interest in digging deeper into the Trump presidency.


Letter From the Editors:

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