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News and Research from
Russia and China - in English

Stay informed with the latest news, policy and academic research coming out of Russia and China with the new English language journal collection from East View.

The Universal Database of East View Press Publications puts a wealth of information about this dynamic region at your fingertips, and all conveniently in English. Order this collection and save over $1,500 the rate of purchasing the individual titles. The database also comes loaded with back issues of each title (2010-current) at no extra charge provided a current subscription is maintained.

Contact to subscribe or to arrange a free 30-day trial to the Universal Database of East View Press Publications.


The Universal Database of East View Press Publications (UDB-EVP) contains eight English language journals published and/or available exclusively through East View Press. The database focuses on the geographic region of China, Russia and the former Soviet Union. Topics covered in the database include domestic politics, international relations, foreign policy, economics, military affairs, business and commerce, public health, the environment, social sciences, archaeology, art, culture, geography, sustainability, and more.


Chinese Cultural Relics: The official English translation of the prestigious Chinese archaeology journal Wenwu (Cultural Relics). Each issue of Chinese Cultural Relics contains selected content from recent issues of Wenwu. In addition to high-quality translation, each article includes the same high-quality, detailed photographs and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations as in the Chinese publication.

The Current Digest of the Chinese Press: A weekly selection of articles from English-language Chinese news sources. Covers a wide range of topics including politics, international relations, security, business, the economy, media, environment, culture, education, and more.

The Current Digest of the Russian Press: A weekly selection of Russian-language press materials carefully translated into English. Presented as documentary materials without elaboration or commentary.

Far Eastern Affairs: A scholarly journal devoted to China, Japan and issues common to the Asia-Pacific region. The only periodical from Russia on this subject available in English.

Geography, Environment, Sustainability: Interdisciplinary journal focused on covering the results of research and global achievements in the sphere of geography, environmental conservation and sustainable development.

International Affairs: The voice of Russia's Foreign Ministry. Offers unique, first-hand analysis of major foreign policy and security issues facing Russia and other former Soviet republics.

Military Thought: Military theory journal of the Russian Defense Ministry. Includes articles on military reform, tactics and strategy of modern combat, counterterrorist operations and international security.

Social Sciences: English translations of the most significant publications from over 30 scholarly Russian periodicals.


Letter From the Editors:

May 1-14, 2017

Editor-in-Chief Interview: “Only National Interest Can Be the Driving Force of Foreign Policy”

Russia’s Position on Territorial Conflicts in East Asia

From the Archives:

Relations Between Russia and Europe: No Simple Solutions in Sight (No. 6, 2015)

The Situation around the Korean Peninsula: Time for Difficult Choice

From the Archives:

Chinese Modernization: Some Lessons for Russia (No. 4, 2011)

Irregular Migration: Challenges and Threats to Security on the European Continent

From the Archives:

Basic Trends in Counterterrorism (No. 4, 2015)

Post-Soviet Authoritarianism

From the Archives:

Russia in Search of Modernity (Cycles of Russian Power) (No. 3, 2012)