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East View Press is the journal and book publishing division of East View Information Services and its related company, East View Geospatial. Currently, East View Press is the publisher of seven periodicals geared toward serving researchers and others interested in major international and public policy questions, especially as they relate to the geographic areas of the former Soviet Union and China.

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Test Drive for the Amendments

Svetlana Bocharova and Yelena Mukhametshina

Putin meets with constitutional amendment working group

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The Role and Place of Russia in Today's World

Yu. Gaidunko, S. Makarova

Military Thought, Volume 28, Issue 2

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A New International Order: What About the Existing One?

Vladimir Baranovsky

A prominent Russian historian questions the idea that the existing world order is collapsing

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Northern Ireland After Brexit: Deliberations and Forecasts

Nina Michchenko

Russian envoy to the UK explains the troublesome status of Northern Ireland in a post-Brexit EU

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No New Coronavirus Cases in Wuhan Sends Encouragement to World

Yao Yuan and Cheng Lu

No new coronavirus infections reported in Wuhan

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Can North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Crisis Be Resolved?

G. Ivashentsov

Vol. 65, No. 6

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Big Business in a Multipolar World

A. Borisov

Vol. 66, No. 1

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China, the United States, and Russia on the Way to Reworking the World Order

Andrei Davydov

China, the United States, Russia, “Big Three,” world order, reworking, conflict paradigm, rivalry management

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China and Problems of Reaching a Peace Settlement in Afghanistan

Nataliya Zamarayeva

This article analyzes China's position on reaching a settlement in Afghanistan.

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The Hybrid Nature of Future Wars and Armed Conflicts

A. V. Brychkov, V.L. Dorokhov, G.A. Nikonorov

Armed conflict in the foreseeable future will look very different from conventional warfare

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Phenomenology of the "Life World" of Urbanites in the Extra-Urban Space in the Russian Near North: Home and Domestication

Nikita Pokrovsky, Uliana Nikolaeva, Julia Demidova

Social Sciences, Vol. 51, No. 1

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Soviet Life as a Subject of Historical Reconstruction

Elena Zubkova

Social Sciences, Vol. 50, No. 4

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Information Security: Protection against Internal and External Impacts in Cyberspace

Lt. Col. V.V. LOZOVSKY, Candidate of Technical Sciences Col. A.S. KUZMENKO, Candidate of Technical Sciences Lt. Col. A.A. KUZNETSOV (Res.), Chief Petty Officer V.A. GALITSKY

MT 4

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Russia in the Middle East and the Palestinian Problem

Boris Dolgov

Russia has a crucial role to play in resolving this long-standing conflict in the heart of the Middle East.

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