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East View Press publishes a wide range of material with a simple goal in mind: to provide content that covers the world, bringing forth unique social, political, military and cultural perspectives.

East View Press

East View Press is the journal and book publishing division of East View Information Services and its related company, East View Geospatial. Currently, East View Press is the publisher of seven periodicals geared toward serving researchers and others interested in major international and public policy questions, especially as they relate to the geographic areas of the former Soviet Union and China.

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Hong Kong Completes Sixth-Term District Council Election

Xinhua News Agency

Record numbers turn out to oppose pro-government candidates

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The Hybrid Nature of Future Wars and Armed Conflicts

A. V. Brychkov, V.L. Dorokhov, G.A. Nikonorov

Armed conflict in the foreseeable future will look very different from conventional warfare

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China Condemns US Actions on Hong Kong

Xinhua News Agency

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 undermines Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, say Chinese lawmakers

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