Social Sciences A Quarterly Journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Print ISSN: 0134-5486
Online ISSN: 1938-2553
Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly
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Founded in 1970, this periodical was a tool for promoting the communist approach to social sciences worldwide. Since Gorbachev’s perestroika, however, Social Sciences turned into a vivid chronicle of the collapse of the old communist dogmas and the transition to new ways of approaching social, economic and historical issues. Nowadays, this journal presents the most prominent papers and studies appearing in the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium journal Social Sciences and the Contemporary World. Covering the most pressing issues of Russia’s social and economic development, Social Sciences includes articles on philosophy, history, economics, politics, sociology, law, philology, psychology, ethnography, archaeology, literature and culture.

For many years, Social Sciences has been reprinting tables of contents from other periodical editions of the Russian Academy of Sciences. These are available from East View Press as English translations.

The online archive of Social Sciences (1998-present) is available from East View - please inquire for details.

Abstracted and indexed in: PAIS International Information Service, American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES), International Bibliography of Periodical Literature, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, Sociological Abstracts, Social Planning Policy & Development Abstracts, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, Political Science and Goverment, and UnCover. 

Editor-in-Chief: A. Guseynov, Academician of RAS

Editorial Council:
V. Makarov, Chairman, Academician of RAS

A. Grigoryev, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Members of the Council:
I. Borisova, Executive Secretary

A. Derevyanko, Academician

A. Dmitriyev, Corresponding Member of RAS

V. Lektorsky, Academician

G. Osipov, Academician

V. Stepin, Academician

V. Tishkov, Academician

Zh. Toshchenko, Corresponding Member of RAS